Great Wineries in Gettysburg PA Worth Visiting this Fall

At first thought, wine tasting in the historic and Civil-War-Famous town of Gettysburg may not be at the forefront of your mind. With a few really great wineries in Gettysburg, PA, we’re here to put it on your radar! With the harvest well underway, this fall is also the perfect time to get out and visit these fantastic wineries in Gettysburg, PA.

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Fall is a wonderful time to explore this quaint and beautiful town – and it’s not just because of the outstanding wineries in Gettysburg, PA. Don’t wait too long, though – the season will be over before you know it! Book your room at our historic Gettysburg, PA Bed and Breakfast today!

Woman enjoying a glass of wine in the fall at one of the wineries in Gettysburg, PA

The Best Wineries in Gettysburg, PA

The craft beverage industry, which includes not just the wineries in Gettysburg, PA, but the breweries and distilleries, has also blossomed throughout Adams County in recent years. The surrounding countryside around Gettysburg is an agricultural gem filled with bountiful orchards, vineyards, and farms. These producers supply our restaurants with exquisite produce year-round, and they’ve also helped spur the growth of our local craft beverage industry.

If you’re interested in sipping and swirling your way through this part of the country, the Adams County Pour Tour is a great way to get an introduction to the wineries in Gettysburg, PA. While going from one winery to the next, you’ll be treated to beautiful countryside and vineyards dappled in the vibrant hues of fall. Here are the top-rated wineries in Gettysburg, PA, to add to your next trip itinerary:

  1. The Adams County Winery is one of the most popular wineries in Gettysburg, Pa, for a good reason. Their wines are delicious, and they are the 5th oldest operating winery in Pennsylvania!
  2. Mount Hope Estate & Winery is one of the most diverse wineries in Gettysburg. You can visit their winery in the countryside or stop by their tasting room downtown, where they offer a fantastic range of wines handcrafted by their winemakers and a great selection of beer, cider, and spirits.
  3. Head to Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery, a small, family-run winery that focuses on small-batch artisanal wines from local growers.
  4. Reid’s Winery and Cider House is another excellent stop in downtown Gettysburg. With a great selection of wine and cider, they make a perfect stop for groups with differing tastes. Everything here is grown locally at their Orchard.
  5. Another great stop on the Adams County Wine Trail is Buddy Boy Winery. They’re loved for their laid-back approach to wine and food and offer an excellent, casual place to sip some local wine.
  6. Brookmere winery is located just outside Gettysburg and is rated well among the different wineries in Gettysburg, PA. They use their groups and other local fruits to produce their award-winning wines and offer a great selection of red, white, blush, and fruit wines.
  7. If you’re looking for local crafted and creative wines, then Hungry Run Wine Cellars is one of the best wineries in Gettysburg, PA, for you to try.
  8. J&P Winery is a delightful stop to make for anyone looking to enjoy great wines in a beautiful space. They offer an excellent selection of wines, with something practically guaranteed for every palette.

Beautiful fall foliage in Gettysburg, PA - where there are plenty more things to do than visiting the wineries in Gettysburg

More Great Things to do in Gettysburg This Fall

As wonderful and unique as each of these delightful wineries in Gettysburg, PA, are, they are just a small sample of what’s available for you in Gettysburg this fall. There are so many wonderful things to do in Gettysburg in the fall, not least of which is learning more about Civil War History at the Gettysburg Battlefield and exploring the history and culture of this charming town.

Whether you want to enjoy the vibrant fall colors around town or some fun-filled fall festivities, you’ll find there’s no shortage of great things to do in Gettysburg this fall. Here are just a few of our favorites!

  1. With so many great wineries and vineyards around Gettysburg, it’s probably not a surprise that Adam’s County is home to several Orchards, too. This fall is the perfect time to visit them. Pick your own apples or other fruit, sample delicious seasonal goods, and enjoy this fun-filled fall tradition!
  2. If you love apples, join us at the National Apple Harvest Festival on October 2!
  3. If driving through a stunning wall of fall colors sounds appealing, don’t miss the drive along Confederate Avenue. For an even better view of this fall glory, head up to the observation tower found at the end of the road!
  4. The Gettysburg Battlefields themselves are uniquely beautiful in the fall – but in particular, we love walking through the colorful trees at Seminary Ridge!
  5. Take a scenic drive in the countryside of Adam’s County, where you’ll find beautiful places like Buchanan Valley. There is truly no more beautiful place in the fall!
  6. Don’t miss the views of Sachs Covered Bridge, surrounded by the beautiful glow of fall colors. This charming bridge, built in 1854, is the perfect place to snap an Instagram photo in the fall!
  7. Fall is also a fantastic time to get a little spooked in Gettysburg! Ghost Tours are one of the most popular things to do in Gettysburg in the fall.
  8. Of course, fall is also an excellent time to walk around and admire the historic downtown of Gettysburg, shopping and browsing along the way.

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