We know the friendly ghosts in Gettysburg

Ghost Stories in Gettysburg

Everyone loves a good ghost story, especially around Halloween. At our Gettysburg Inn Bed and Breakfast, everyone asks us if our inn is haunted. While we have never had any sightings, we like to think that if there are any ghosts around the Keystone Inn, they are friendly ghosts.

Ghost Sightings in Gettysburg

Many say that ghosts meander around Gettysburg which fought during the war. We are known for the history surrounding the Battle of Gettysburg, where 51,000 casualties occurred. Many ghost stories that surround this history are highlighted below and why we are called the most haunted city in America.

  1. Devil’s Den
    Devil’s Den includes a cluster of rocks used by sharpshooters on the battlefield and is said to be haunted by the ghosts of soldiers who died there during the war. If you happen to visit in the early evening hours, many say you will see the ghosts of fallen soldiers that died here- one, in particular, that is said to wear a floppy hat.
  2. Jennie Wade House
    Despite the battles that roared through the tiny rural town of Gettysburg, only one civilian died in the conflict—Jennie Wade; she was killed by a stray bullet that passed through two doors and struck her in the back while she was mixing dough. Visitors report hearing Jennie and several children roaming the house.
  3. Sach’s Bridge
    As the story goes, three Confederate soldiers who had deserted their unit during the Battle of Gettysburg were hanged from Sachs Bridge as punishment. Visitors say they have seen strange mists and apparitions appearing in photographs. Others have said they hear horses and cannon fire. Still, others say they smell cigar smoke and feel someone touching them—even though there’s no one there.
  4. Dobbin House
    Dine at the Dobbin House Tavern, and you might just be served a side of the paranormal. Formerly a stop on the Underground Railroad, the Dobbin House Tavern hosts the spirits of former slaves who have been seen meandering through the building, including in former hiding places. Blood splatters, according to local lore, also mysteriously appear and disappear on the floor throughout the tavern.
  5. Tillie Pierce House
    Guests at Tillie Pierce House Inn frequently tell stories of waking up in their room after feeling a figure sitting on the edge of their bed staring at them. Others tell of hearing strange noises and footsteps from an otherwise empty attic while the apparition of soldiers has been seen wandering the halls.
  6. Gettysburg Hotel
    Several spirits continue to roam the Gettysburg Hotel, a hospital during the Civil War. Rachel, a nurse during the bloody days of the Battle of Gettysburg, has been known to wander the rooms, digging through guests’ drawers and luggage and pushing carts haphazardly around the hotel. A Union soldier who perished in the hospital is often seen wandering the hotel’s halls.
  7. Gettysburg College
    Gettysburg College served as a field hospital for both sides during the Civil War and, as a result, has a storied history of hauntings. The most terrifying of those stories date back to the early 20th century. Two college employees entered an elevator, pushed the button for their desired floor, and waited. But, the elevator malfunctioned, taking them straight to the basement. When the elevator doors opened, the women saw a bloody Civil War operating room with doctors working feverishly to save injured and dying soldiers. As a doctor walked toward them, the elevator began to move to another floor. The two employees, accompanied by a security guard, returned to the basement minutes later to find – nothing.
  8. The Farnsworth House Inn
    The Farnsworth House Inn housed Confederate snipers during the Civil War and is the site from which the shot that killed Jenny Wade originated. Visitors to the charming bed and breakfast tell stories of hearing strange noises emanating from the attic and singing coming from the basement.

Ghost Tours in Gettysburg

Many options are available for ghost tours, with the more popular ones noted below:

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and lastly, our favorite is at the Battlefield Inn, which includes ghost stories around the fire.

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